Welcome !!!!

My whole life changed as i knew it on a Sunny Friday afternoon . I had met a man on a dating website and was on my way to meet  him. Headed to one of the most affluent  part of London, Mayfair.

Had seen it only on a tv show  ’Made in Chelsea’ but hadn’t been there myself  before then

Wearing an emerald Top Shop pleated skirt, warehouse black crop top and back platform high healed Top Shop shoes, i was in  top form . oh !…( lest i forget the statement piece) holding my borrowed fake Chanel quilted caviar jumbo classic purse. i was feeling like i belonged there… i was in mayfair looking like refined woman not a some tart in broad day light. you see i had spent a lot of time studying how the other half of the world carry them selves and present themselves to the world.  The little skin i was showing on my mid section between the skirt and the crop top was enough for me.

An older lady stepping out of  a cafe smiled at me and said “ i like your ensemble, you look beautiful” i smiled back and said thank you. i needed it,  i was a complete nerve ball.

It was my first time meeting someone who stayed in Mayfair, let alone the prestigious Hotel i was going to, a world renown one.
In case i had Forgotten to mention i live an hour outside of London and it costs about £30 to get into the city which was not  money i could easily afford to spare. so i had scheduled two dates for that day.
My first date was with Mr X,  it was a “drinks’ date at his hotel… thats where i was headed. now i had another date that evening with lets just call him L. So i had a backpack with a change of clothes for the evening date.

Now Fast forward to my Arrival

I arrived at the hotel, feeling intimidated, i couldn’t get myself to go in, he had sent me  a text that he was in the lobby waiting. i was 2 hours late!!!!!!!!!!!! i text him that i was outside and asked him if he could meet me.

Out came this charming man with an absolutely gorgeous smile. he said hi and i said hi back smiling. he said “you are late!!” still smiling and i said “ i know… and i wish i had a legitimate reason, but thats just one of my weakness” still smiling.  he then offered to take my back pack which i gave to him… i was sweating still nervous.

I had told i tiny little lie that i was a stylist, and that i had a client at six for an dinner meeting so i had a change of clothes. i ask if we could live my bag with the concierge so we don’t have to take it with us, he politely agreed and went ahead and dropped off my bag with the concierge.
At this point i already knew i liked him….

We talked for a few minutes, i mean time went so fast i didn’t even realise how long i’d stayed there. we talked about work, i was flirting very lightly… no sexual talk. After my second cocktail, i told him i had to leave, he tried to persuade me to have dinner with him, and i politely refused ( always leave them wanting more).

Mr X  was so humble i had no idea what his financial deal was. well of course apart form the fact that he was staying at this exclusive hotel.
He walked me out and all the way to the station, kissed on the cheek and off i went.