What Do you want

Identifying what you want In everything you do, I find is key to getting what you want. If you do not know what you want or are open to anything, then don’t be surprised if you are used or treated as a tool or a means to an end for someone else’s end game ???.

Same applies to relationships. I have heard of sayings that say people will treat you as they perceive you.

Now coming back to topic, when people hear or say the word “sugar baby” automatically they think “escort”, or fat old men dating young girls to sex’ and money/gifts end. Well, that could be true to some extent. but i think the word ‘sugar baby’ is open to definition.

I am 33 years old, my partner is 58 Years old. There’s a 24 year gap between us. some would call our relationship a sugar baby/sugar daddy situation, where as to me its just a relationship. I’ve never been so happy, content and confident in a relationship, he is not only my partner, he is my best friend. The person that i want to call first when something good or bad happens.  The person i call when i see something funny, the person i send all my funny memes to ( even through most of the times i have to explain why its funny) never the less we laugh together.

I once took interest in looking into people who dated older men and how those relationships panned out. First thing i realised is most of the men that are lucky enough to get with younger women are wealthy powerful men FACT. Or perhaps those are the ones documented. The one thing i found in common with the relationships that worked out, rather what simulated the relationship i wanted from mine is LOVE. When most people think about the sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship, they think money and sex. Its almost regarded as like stated earlier on, a sex made relationship which i think is not. Please note that i use the word sugar baby/ sugar daddy only because that is what the world perceives it to be.

There is a 26 year gap between Celine Dion and her husband. would you say this was a love relationship or sugar baby situation ?

When all is said and done, you can make your relationship what you want it to be. it can be a money, holidays and expensive gifts in exchange for sex and companionship kind of relationship, or it can also be a love, friendship, trust, committed relationship. And of course the rest are just perks of a fulfilling relationship ????????❤

It all depends on you. No one should ever decide or define for you what kind of relationship you should have. better still , forget what everyone else thinks or how people perceive or judge your relationship and define it, you make it what you want it to be. Most people lose a good thing because they are so engrossed or bothered with what other people will think or say. to name just a few, when i first started dating my partner i had people close to me say all sorts of things, called me all sorts of names. but i knew exactly what i wanted, i was the one in the relationship. i was never frazzled by all that, i stayed my course to reap the benefits of love, laughter, friendship … of course a luxury life!! extravagancies that the same people now came to me to ask “ how did you do it?”

Choosing what you want in this respect, is knowing exactly what you want from the man you are dating, or looking to date. It is money on the bedside when he leaves? it it a Gucci/Chanel Handbag? it a trip to Dubai + Shopping? ( i call this Pay As You Go) or is it a committed , trusting all access kind of relationship? contrary to what we have been made to believe, the ball is actually in our court.


I hope this has laid a foundation of your journey as we closely look into the truth about being a sugar baby, and how to WIN.