About Me

Hi, thank you for stopping by…

Just a girl who started out in life not so fortunate, worked my way up.

I am a massive chic flick fan, I mean…‘ pretty woman’, ’Breakfast at Tiffanys’, ‘factory girl’ to ‘sex and the city’, to the Kardashians.

So in other words, I love LOVE. i am that sort of girl, but I also love love love good refined things. a combination that is almost impossible to attain these days. with only  a few seem to be lucky enough to have found.

Most people that know me say I am “too brave for my own good” ahaha don’t even know what that means… what i do however know is that anything is possible if you follow the principles and is willing to put in the work.

I am so in love with a man 25 years older than me, he is not only my boyfriend, he is my best friend.

I was an Orphan growing up, i worked hard in life…  I became sugar baby now mogul in the making.

Want to know the truth about being a sugar baby? well keep reading. lets lay it all out, the secrets, the pros and cons, the how to’s and not only how get him but how to keep him and be the next pretty woman on Rodeo drive.

There are so much stereotyping when it comes to dating older men, most of which is hypocritical ( my opinion obviously) coming to learn and see that this has been going on for years.

The only difference is how its done. This is where I come in.

I was a single mom of one, oh most people think being a sugar baby means you have to be 20-25 years of age…… PLEASEEEEE LOL. No, I am a mature 33 year old young lady. that means i know exactly what i want from life and intend to get it.