What I Do

I love helping women to live a better, wholesome and fulfilling life!

Discover your personal style and the confidence that comes with it.

To put it straight to the point - I teach ladies how to achieve prominence and happiness in life. Sharing my knowledge about important principles and guidelines for getting the job done. Starting deep by streamlining goals. Moving ahead by creating and managing a dating profile. Preparing desired outcomes with individual hints and tips for successful dates with high-quality men. Walking the way by your side and giving a hand whenever necessary - this is my commitment.

How I help


Start dating quality men with ease and confidence


What makes a relationship successful

Successful relationships don’t just happen, they need to be intentionally worked upon. Most people tend to think the love we have for one another will keep us together, close and happily ever after just by itself. Is it so? Let's delve into the matter.


Happy Ladies

It was evident Monica has an understanding about how to attract and retain a man.
Her communication skills is great and she listened patiently to understand.


I was among the few ladies who joined Monica Sip & Chat. It was very informative and learnt a lot of knowledge that will equip me with my dating moving forward.
I look forward to more of these virtual events where l get to meet and engage with like-minded ladies. Thanks


It was very interesting, coach Monica is the most valuable person to look for when wanting to win in the game of dating. She is so generous in sharing her knowledge. Thank you so much


I thoroughly enjoyed the Sip and Chat session with Coach Monica and the lovely ladies in the session.

It started out with questions and answers which were really insightful and encouraging to know one isn’t alone in this journey to being better versions of ourselves and creating and maintaining meaningful connections and relationships. It was also great to hear Monica’s inspiring story of believing in herself and taking practical steps to becoming the woman she had always dreamed of.
I left the call wishing it wouldn’t end and I honestly can not wait for next Sip and Chat


It was amazing to hear other women’s stories about their own experiences and Monica’s in depth explanations about some issues that were raised. It was so worth it, especially when Monica was encouraging our participation. Very generous in sharing her knowledge


I liked Monica’s well balanced approach: while sharing her wealth of knowledge of dating strategies with high value men, the psychology and nature of men, she also provides tailored advice on how women can be more self-reflexive to be successful in dating. She’s is generous on sharing her expertise and tends to go above and beyond getting to know her clients.


Monica is amazing!! Her wealth of knowledge, expertise & feminine side is incredible.

Had a call with Monica to speak to a group of young ladies on High Values & Standards, and her transparency coupled with her professionalism was top notch. The balance between Christianity & her experience was the cherry on top for me.

Monica left us feeling so refreshed & confident in ourselves.

100% recommend! Oh, and she’s funny too!! Literally didn’t want the call to end.


I had one call with Monica and it was very eye opening. I’m feel much more confident and I believe from now on, I’m gonna get what I want.
Thank you so much Monica for being so open, encouraging and insightful. I wish I had contacted you earlier.

Bee V.

My call with Monica was very motivating and encouraged and reassured me that my dreams and aspirations are valid and attainable. Monica’s straightforward and practical advice has given me a new perspective on leveling up and I will definitely be returning for her intense coaching classes!


Im in a period of my life where im trying to find my forever man but I’ve been so discouraged with dating. Having Monica by my side has been a blessing. She helps me navigate my dating situations and gives solid, no BS advice, and is very supportive and encouraging. I think when you put in your all with her, you get a lot in return!


Monica truly cares about her clients and invests deeply in helping tunnel find someone who cherishes and respects them. She targets her approach to your needs and has the experience to back it up. Such a pleasure to work with her!


I am very happy with Monica’s attitude and collaboration in general! Thank you!


Monica is wonderful to work with!! She is warm, wise, and so easy to talk to. During our call, she helped me get more clarity on my non-negotiables in dating and create an attractive dating profile. I’m really grateful to her.


January 2023

I had a call with Monica and she is such a lovely person to talk too . She is very patient, knowledgeable and ready to guide me to achieve the best outcome. I am looking forward to working with her .


December 2022

During our call Monica was able to break down simple yet practical steps for me to think through and act upon to actively address the issues I had raised during our chat. Additionally, she shared things from a different perspective which I had not previously thought about.

It was fun, yet really insightful. It felt like I was talking to a long time friend which really helped me relaxed, yet it was highly productive.

Thank you


November 2022

Had a call with Monica and wow. She’s such a nice person to talk to and has a lot of wisdom to share especially to young girls. She’s so feminine and elegant. Anyone can really learn a lot from her.


November 2022

First day reading her blogs , I have found myself reading almost all of them, I like the fact that Monica has a way with words.

Plus how she handles herself in the situations screams class. Tuning for more


November 2022
why me

Because you deserve

The pursue of improvement is fundamental. Striving for better love and lifestyle is not impossible, quite the contrary. We, ladies, are often reluctant to reach and grab. I will help develop that potential and it will transform the way you feel about yourself. From there, anything becomes achievable.

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Wisdom!! Story Edition
Wisdom!! Story Edition

After the whole Iphone saga we went on to connect and enjoy each other’s company, our relationship was going on great, I was happy and so was he, but money was still an Elephant in the room. I knew I had to exercise wisdom to…

Money, Relationships and Wisdom
Money, Relationships and Wisdom

On many occasions in our lives we’ve had to exercise wisdom to navigate successfully through life. Relationships being no exception to that!

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    Lets Talk Dating Older Men

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    Wisdom!! Story Edition
    Wisdom!! Story Edition

    After the whole Iphone saga we went on to connect and enjoy each other’s company, our relationship was going on great, I was happy and so was he, but money was still an Elephant in the room. I knew I had to exercise wisdom to…

    What Successful Relationships Are Made Of
    What Successful Relationships Are Made Of

    Successful relationships don’t just happen, they take work. Intentional work. Most times people tend to think the love we have for one another in our relationships will keep us together and operating swimmingly. Unfortunately this could not be any further from the truth! You could…

    I’m Good In Bed
    I’m Good In Bed

    Oh My God! This one was such a tool, and I’m sure most you girls have dated this type of Man! His profile online told me he was the kind of man I was looking for, so naturally I swiped right! And just like that…

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