Intensive High Value Dating Coaching

Don't be the girl he sees casually and treats here and there. Rather be the one he shares his plans, goals and life with!

This is an intensive coaching session aimed to strategically kick starting our dating journey effectively and achieving your goals.

What to expect in this session:

1. Determining your goals i.e What do you really want? Does the man you want compliment the life you want to build?

2. Outlining areas you can level up, and how to attract the kind of man you desire - I.e Confidence, personal development, personal goals, appearance, lifestyle

3. Coming up with an actionable plan depending on your personal circumstances and dating goals i.e where to meet the kind if man you want, how to resent yourself to catch his interest and attention

4. Access to tips and tricks on how and when, i.e how to talk, what kind of texts to send, how to carry yourself to be taken seriously , how to distinguish yourself from the competition