Premium LOVE

Love is a personal thing, only need to be understood by the two people in it .

Helloooooo And welcome back !!! Its been a very long time since i shared, a lot has happened in this time, we have had a baby girl!! she is 6 months now, feeling more like myself again and all geared up to embark on this exciting adventure with you.

Little pause on arrangement love, I want to concentrate on just love. Don’t worry, to my friends that want to learn more about sugar daddies… i’ll be right back. But this is the most important thing to me, I am a true  believer of love, and I want everyone to succeed and excel in love.

Everyone deserves to have love, to be loved. I am a firm believer that love alone is not enough, since I am entitled to my opinion, and this happens to be my blog I will tell it as it is and see fit.

However it is that you chose to define love, because we have to realize and respect that loves is different things to different people, we all want it and this is the year we are getting it the right way.

I think first and foremost, to have love, one has to believe that you deserve it. Then comes the big question you have to ask yourself, what is love to you? what is it exactly that you are looking for and please be realistic with your expectations…. this is real life not a Disney/Hallmark movie or character.

Now personally, I don’t believe in a perfect checklist partner, my reasons being I don’t believe that is possible. Also what might seem right or good for us isn’t always what we need, sometimes it takes time, bad relationships and bad experiences to find out what we/you need in a partner as opposed to, (1) tall, (2) handsome  (3) athletic  (4) six figure salary  (5) drives a certain car etc, all those are things we think would make us happy with our partners forgetting that you’ll have to engage with them, something that has nothing to do with the check list above.

I know I know that most of you have the, must love dogs, must love my kids, have a sense of humor, be kind and compassionate etc, but let’s agree, it’s almost like we expect the tall handsome man with a six figure salary to also posses all the qualities in the  last paragraph. What if he was short, with a big belly but kind, treats you as he should, doesn’t quite make six figures but he is comfortable? What then?

Laying out our priorities before going on the quest for love is very important. For me, a man doesn’t have to make the six figures..(don’t be broke either ?)but it’s important that I can talk to them freely. I don’t like pretending…. (okay on the first date I might bring out the improved, I can’t keep up with version of me) but that’s it. I have to be able to be my authentic self with you. I have to be able to laugh with you, If we don’t get each other’s jokes then hmmmmmm?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️❌❌, he can be short/ tall I don’t really care.

Friend of mine once asked me to help her find a boyfriend, we laughed as she told me that she cant find a decent guy out there. I joked and said perhaps you are looking for the wrong kind of guy. When I asked what kind of guy she was looking for, she answered and said she wanted a millionaire…. i laughed and  asked her, ‘girl how many millionaires do you personally know” she said none. I said and you think millionaires are just running around looking for girls? I asked her why the guy had to be a millionaire, she said she didn’t want a broke guy, she wanted someone who would take care of her, spoil her etc. I said, well honey, a lot of guys do all that for their girls making a lot less than half a million.I told her what she wanted was a guy who was financially stable, responsible. A guy who could afford to pay for the bills, help take care of her, not be a millionaire.

This fake notion of life we see plastered on social media is only MAKE BELIEVE!!!, like Howard in Big Bang Theory explicitly said, “ there is no place for truth on the internet”,  so take everything with a pinch of salt. Do NOT kill yourself missing out on love or a good thing because you are looking for a millionaire or a guy with ABC, or trying to keep up with abc’s #couplegoals. DO YOU!!  Find what works for you (realistically)  and roll with that. We all can’t marry/date millionaires, or tall handsome guys…..

Another important thing to realise is,  are you ready for love ? Whatever that (LOVE)  is to you. If you are not ready for a committed, all in relationship, or you just want someone to kick it with then it’s okay to admit to yourself that what you are looking for is perhaps friends with benefits or an interim partner that way you are getting in a relationship knowing exactly what it is you are after.

Another very important point I’d like everyone out there looking for love or frustrated about love to know is the fact that, the idea or notion of love is also just an illusion that we have created for ourselves through exposure. As I’ve stated earlier, real life is very different from what we see on Hallmark, or what is plastered on social media as “ #couplegoals” you create your own version of perfect love. Usually even friends and people close to you  want to chip in, telling you what YOUR love should look like, to hell with all that!!!!!!   Quite frankly most people doing this aren’t even happy in their own relationships, or know what love truly is. Love is a very personal thing,  and however you choose to do it, when it’s blossoming, is a beautiful thing. So as we progress on the quest and realities of love, I want all of us to know what this is about.

So if you are looking for love, stick with me and I’ll lay it down for you, but most especially if you are looking to date UP/ climb the social ladder/ date the elite of society then Cling to me because I am about to change your life!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this, and I’m excited to share more of my love journey with Mr X.