Secrets to Attracting Wealthy Men

When dating the Elite, Rich, Men of Value or Regular men, Confidence is key. Confidence is that one thing that sets you apart from the rest. Picture a beautiful woman walking into room full of other beautiful women. All kinds of beauty. What sets that women apart from the rest is nothing but her confidence.


Affluent Men are attracted to a certain type of Woman.

Confidence is expressed by the way you walk, talk, carry yourself and passion. A woman who is sure of herself is not to be ignored. When decided what kind of man I wanted to date, I had to prepare myself to be the kind of girl that the kind of man I wanted dates. It was that simple. I knew Miracles in this area aren’t in abundant supply so I had to put in the work. The first and most important thing I discovered is I needed to build my confidence. to be able to sit across an affluent man and not be intimidated , or feel lost in any way.

So what’s the secret to being irresistible?

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As women it is undeniably factual that how you look will affect your confidence. Its a thing no-one tells you. You walk into a room and automatically you rate yourself. When you are well groomed, well dressed and well presented you feel your best and when you feel your best you are Confident. I have always said that looking after yourself is one of the highest form of self love. Not trying to sound like a broken record, but, when you look after yourself and you feel great about yourself it brings out excellence in you. You talk different, You walk different, people treat you different! ( and thats a fact! people are naturally nice to people that look good).

So let me break down what appearance is. Disclaimer- Please dont read this if you are sensitive and can’t face facts without feeling like you are being shamed, targeted.

1 Your Body!- Are you in the shape that makes you feel confident? Whatever shape that is, are you feeling confident? As women our bodies are a very big part of our confidence booster or killer! And I don’t care what anybody says, 90% of women will agree that when you are not in the shape that makes you feel confident, everything goes downhill from there. This leaves you feeling self conscious, paranoid, sensitive etc! Again no-one tells you or dares to tell you that you are out of shape but you feel it yourself and it kills your confidence. So being honest with yourself and making the changes you need to get yourself to a shape that makes you feel confident is key to building your confidence!



Basic grooming elements include having a consistent skincare routine.

2 Grooming – This one is another thing that we neglect quite often.
(i) How is your skin looking? Are you putting in the work to get your skin looking good?
You see the people you admire, whose skin look good, walk with their head held high don’t just wakeup and voila! They have it! NO! They put in the work. Its all effort my darlings. That means sticking to a skin care routine, educating yourself on how to take good care of your skin. Drinking your water and less Sugary beverages with time, you’ll notice that your skin is responding and clearing up, you can confidently walk out without tones of Makeup to coverup!

(ii) Nails– Are your nails groomed? You don’t even have to spend a lot of money doing this, Simply making sure your nails are clean, trimmed, filed and polished. You can easily do this yourself once a week and it’ll automatically improve your mood which in-turn elevates your confidence.

(iii) Hair,  However you like or wear your hair. Is it groomed? ie Clean, Brushed, Tidy? As a woman, when your hair is in order, it is half the battle to looking good!

(iv) Makeup Now that another big one thats got most women missing out on good opportunities! what is your makeup saying about you?

2 Wardrobe. How you dress will either again boost or kill your confidence. When you are appropriately dressed, you feel confident. Night clothes at night, day dresses for the day, Night club clothes for the club, every event calls for its own dress code .
– Another one to be mindful of is how well fitting your clothes are. Wearing too tight clothes will have you pulling down your skirt or dress often, this makes you self conscious therefore eating into your confidence. The same goes to wearing clothes that reveal too much or for body. Be sexy and Elegant. Boobs falling out off your dress is not screwing sexy, it is screaming sex me!

2 Knowledge

Ella Peters Wife to Billionaire Benedict Peters. Ella is Founder and directive creative of House of Jovadi Jewellery.
Stefanie Shojaee wife to Masoud Shojaee President and Chairman of Shoma Group. Stefanie works with her husband.

Now This is the part most women tend to fail on. Knowledge is power they say, but when it comes to dating the Elite/ Wealthy/Affluent, knowledge is Gold! What I mean by knowledge is , being knowledgeable. To be able to hold an intelligent conversation, might not be in-depth, but having ideas or opinions on things will make you appear interesting and attractive.

You can be very well put together but if you have nothing in your head, you are good for nothing but fun. Because even if a man intends to actually to date you for real, but if there no intellectual connection of any sort he’ll in no time find you boring. So he might keep you for a night or, only want to see you when he wants sex, but nothing else.

Being knowledgable makes you appear powerful and interesting. You are not just a pretty girl on his arm, you become an equal. It is important to put yourself in a position where he can talk to you about things beyond your relationship. You need to understand that beautiful women aren’t in short supply, every standard of beauty is easily attainable , however women of substance are not easily found. and thats how you set yourself apart. Thats how you become more than just a weekend flavour.

3. Passion


Having a passion is one of the things that make you very attractive. A passion is something that you love, value, a thing that is important to you, something you pursue, that pursuit will award you with vast knowledge of that thing which makes you confident to talk, express yourself to others about that thing, with a clear understanding, value and goals. Passion makes you exciting, ambitious, charismatic, influential, confident etc. It shows that you have a healthy appetite for life. That you are excited about life and most importantly have a life!

Elite men are ambitious, they are knowledgeable they consistently pursue things that support their appetite for life. they are situate themselves with women with a passion, someone on somewhat same vibration as they are.

Passion portrays you as an intelligent, self assured person, and People are naturally drawn to passionate , confident people.

Imagine the kind of man you want. Now think, what kind of woman would attract a man like that? when you’ve figured it out, Become that woman!
Be sure to have a realistic picture and resolve to your quest. Do a little research, you’ll find different kinds of men will be interested in different things in women. An affluent man will look for something very different from a rapper or footballer. what attracts a CEO in a woman will be different to what attracts an influencer on instagram. Only money men, are attracted a different kind los woman to new money men.

I like Beyonce. She is very beautiful, but i dont think she is the most beautiful woman in the world. What however makes Beyonce, Beyonce as we see her, is her PASSION, DRIVE… Her passion for her craft is what makes her so confident and attractive. You would’ve heard her husband in many of his music gushing over his wife, and in most of that he is referring to her being the baddest, the best in her field. it makes him proud, it makes her irresistible. A woman who works hard to create a kind of life that inspires Men. You become a woman a man respects, not because he aught to, but your life, everything about you commands RESPECT.

There are many women too numerous to mention that have elevated their lives in order to upgrade the kind of man that feels confident enough to ask them out!
And thats the secret to being that girl, that woman!

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